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Road Warrior Entertainment (RWE)

Road Warrior Entertainment (RWE) is a full-service production company that specializes in finding, developing, and breaking the finest new musical and entertainment talent from all over the world. RWE features this talent in concerts, tours, television shows, webcasts, print, radio, and other media.


RWE productions are designed to match its talent with corporate sponsors to form partnerships that can provide a significant boost for new artists. An international entity with offices in New York, London, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Hong Kong gives RWE the opportunity to have its pulse on the most important music scenes in the world and allows it to mount productions virtually anywhere.


RWE is a partnership headed by experienced industry leaders with an international track record for success. RWE’s partners have discovered and developed some of the most important talent in modern music and have produced highly successful albums, concerts, television shows, and films. From spotting talent, to building a business, to producing a major album, concert, television show, or feature film, each member of RWE’s Executive Team is an accomplished veteran.